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In her hand was a long spear that was swallowed in a torrent of water.One Demon walked up to the downed Male and then raised his foot to step on his stomach.Asagi and Ingrid were shocked at the spectacle before them.Ingrid's hands trembled as she held onto her sword.He pushed their weapons up slightly before he held the sword in a reverse grip and spun around, slicing their stomachs open and the insides spilled out onto the floor.A pair of tentacles with needles and some kind of green liquid then came down from the ceiling. Nipple fetish tumblr. He rammed the sword deep into the clone's chest and pushed as far in as it could go before he sliced upwards, splitting the clone in two as blood sprayed everywhere.The male's eye twitched in annoyance and he left the brothel to make his way towards the giant castle in the distance.I humbly apologize if my story isn't too interesting.She was a voluptuous woman with short brown hair, red eyes and a gigantic bust.When he gained his footing, he immediately stabbed his sword behind him.A few more tentacles then came from the ceiling and went straight down into Asagi's throat, making her gag out loud.One orc picked up the woman by her hair and began to drag down the corridor to one of the many rooms where loud moans and screens could be heard.A woman clicked her teeth as she jumped back from a big crow of Orcs and Ogres.Seeing him distracted, Ingrid immediately jumped to her feet and picked up her sword.Asahi gave out a loud yell with wide eyes, but it wasn't from pain.He turned his head slightly to see he dug his sword into a clone's gut and she coughed up blood.A woman laid on the ground covered from head to toe in cum.With one hard thrust, making sure to bury his cock as for as he could into her womb and then blew his load along with the tentacles that were inside her ass and mouth.The needles then went straight into Asagi's nipples and she gave out a loud yell of pain as the tentacles release the liquid into her boobs. 'Still.He had a very attractive smile on his face that could make any woman's heart melt.One had short pink hair styled in a bob cut, small to medium-sized breasts and violet eyes. Jen's bruce wayne. He planted his hands firmly on Asagi's hips and pulled her deep into his hard thrusts, making sure that each time their hips connect, his cock penetrates her womb.In an instant, they dashed at one another and began to clash with their weapons, sending powerful shock waves that shattered the windows.Did you gain a sense of pride as you dominated them.


Lan Wang Ji nods lightly, curving up his lips a little.Then, he places it in front of the older man (Wang Ji notes how the new bowl is carelessly pushed against the one he was still having, causing more spills) and gestures him to, “Here, have more.The trails leading out of Burial Mounds may be buried during snowstorms, so they needed to be prepared for the worst. “Mn.” “Of course it’s good.The ruckus and excitement eventually die down, and both men tuck into their soup peacefully to their (mostly Wei Ying’s) satisfaction. Fate Apocrypha. Also, some chapters may be edited even after posting to keep the stories in line.Wei Ying gazed lovingly at Wang Ji, causing the older man to shyly avert his eyes and blush with the slightest tinge of pink on the tips of his earlobes.Wangxian's happily ever after in the tune of Fluff and Porn.Thank you to CQL Untamed team for the hard work and unforgettable memories, Thank you to Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo and everyone else for bringing the characters and story to life, Thank you to the fans for making this an experience of a lifetime.” “Drink more, drink more!” Wei Ying chants encouragingly, as he goes for another meat-laden serving.Wei Ying scoops another bowl from the main pot and Wang Ji notices the younger man’s greasy fingers.Yiling Patriach has unrivalled skills in every known discipline, including the art of cooking!” He laughs cockily and points a thumb at himself.He took a piece of half-eaten bittergourd and popped it into his mouth, half-hoping that the cooling effects would help along with other medicinal herbs he’d just procured earlier that day. It’s good. Trolls - especially non-registered AO3 users leaving negative and useless comments - will be duly handled and deleted.You guys rock! A grand shout-out to friends in NovelUpdates Founder of Diabolism forum for exchanging information, engaging in lively discussions, and helping me out when I have (silly) questions about MDZS.Wang Ji made sure to scrub clean each of Wei Ying’s fingers and nails, before taking the washcloth back to the kitchen sink.Wei Ying continues to slurp on chicken wing bones (and later, his fingers) noisily in the background.: As of Chapter 15, I've decided to name the chapters and include the timelines, in case anyone wants to avoid getting confused from navigating through timeskips.Wei Ying occasionally spots a larger chicken bone on the table (it doesn’t matter whose), nonchalantly grabs and cracks it to suck out the marrow with even more unsavoury sounds.

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And meanwhile in the watchtower in the monitor room.It wouldn't last long as a crime fighter, if he in turn didn't come up with a miracle beyond the lazarus pits, or if he made some money that would prolong his life, but let's be frank, he didn't want to prolong his life for long.And then before their own destruction and their cataclysm, minutes before the real collapse amid the light that arose amid a flood of lava that rose, and when they isolated themselves underground. Darkseid.It was at the end of that week, he was done some tests, came the diagnosis.Everyone saw and heard the story, everyone there, feeling the pressure and the power. Rangiku Matsumoto & Toshiro Hitsugaya. And so he saw his back he had an enemy with little libido or was well controlled. What,. What do you want? You questioned him. - Batman view-se. Wonder Woman was restrained by Superman who was trying to prevent her from killing one of the criminals who used a hostage as a shield, as well as bombs attached to him.Darkseid was on top of him crouching looking with his omega rays and he kissed him.And he stood still he tried to turn his face aside breathing hard he knew what would happen.And moments passed between a kiss without breath and a peck.The computer and the robots have made their mission.And there was the cave data, patrolling less and less leaving for its associates, while it was exclusively translating studying and unraveling the mysteries of the world of Apokolips.Superman was stunned, half hallucinating there was still the remnants of drugs in his system.The heroes gathered in the watchtower, if it were enough, Luthor set up a march and a press conference, about superman's danger, that even the Boy Scout couldn't ignore a sum of money from that.Now, he found out it wouldn't last even, needed some time away, he wouldn't live anyway, his life gave what he had to give, he did his best.And he researched a mutagenic bomb that would drastically change cells amid the slave trade by Lex Corp.All the heroes almost killed an innocent, even if it's an almost, they were lured into a chase.And he looked static ly stood there with a seminu with a finger inside him.Darkseid liked submission, and he managed to hack into the computer information of some of Darkseid's allies, and he can research in that regard. Peter Parker's Powers. Some of them bet on Batman, even though they didn't see him for a long period of time, since the week before, they would be able to induce him to kill.And he ced his teeth and choked and said.Lois was crying. And he thought he'd be killed there.

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His waist was shockinly narrow compared to the chest it opened up into, with juicy brown nipples the size of a coin adorning each pec.Then again, all of the months of planning and packing and training for that last trip hadn't saved his neck.It would be a later start than he had planned, but he wanted to rest here in his victory.No sooner did one bathe (as he just had in the river by camp) than he immediately began to sweat again.He breathed in the scent of the morning, growing later now, and of the man beneath him.For the second time that morning, he felt his cock pulse with interest. Dio brando mii. The face above him was mixed with a curious combination of rage and fear, dreads hanging down and brushing Clayton's cheek.And he knew this time, there would be no second chances.Tarzan never lost his grip on Clayton's neck, and after a moment he felt the palm fall back.He stood there stroking for a moment of two more as the burn travelled down into his belly, then squatted down to tear aside Tarzan’s loincloth.He had to travel lighter than in his last journey, which made it all the more unpleasant.He lifted out the heavy frame, and walked over to place it on the easel.Tarzan's arms, neck, and head hung limply and jiggled against the floor as he was plowed.He was skilled and capable, but he hated the bush.He had no servants this time-- no one at all, in fact, besides a few flea-bitten mules.Outside of his standard kit, every other bag was loaded with syringes.He straightened, wiping the water out of his eyes, and opened them.A light mist hung around the trees and filtered light wafted to the jungle floor, where a man stalked.His cock hardened as his eyes travelled from the man's remarkably muscled feet, up his lithe calves and thighs to the loincloth only partially covering the package beneath.He drove to his right, spilling the table and its contents across the floor.It had taken him over 10 days of hard bushwacking to get here, and he couldn't afford to risk his catch awakening and escaping during the hike out.His arms reached down past his coarse loin cloth, his hands joining his feet in propelling him carefully forward.He could see the ape man's loincloth splayed across his own belly, the dark body toned and glistening in the morning light. Snape for life. He rolled them both over in one motion, and paused for a moment to enjoy the dead weight of muscle pressing down on him.He had been so tired, and so unable to find relief.The tranquilizers were fast acting, but fast to fade, too.It helped that the one thing he had to do to secure immortality was also the one thing he wanted to do, more than anything else.

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Everywhere else you applied for either rejected you or the boss just wanted your body for pleasure.It is all tagged in the actual book so be warned, read at your own risk.As much as you wanted to change professions you didn’t for it was probably the only place that would take you in as an employee.One day, Blitzo had been offered a job to assassinate Loo Loo Land’s manager, Mammon, the ruler of the greed ring himself.But of course, Blitzo was not up for the challenge and instead handed it over to you and only you.the boss was downright fucking creepy. The Secret Angel. we all know Loona, never bothered to take on a mission.Originally you did work at a strip club as a top star stripper, but you weren’t about that life and let’s just say.On the other hand it should be fun, a mission all by yourself to a place you have never knew existed in your life here in hell.Despite all of the constant childlike behaviour, you enjoyed their company, mainly Loona for she was the only one you could really relate to..well.So here you were a loyal assassin alongside dingbats who could hardly manage this business.only because everyone was way too traumatised to return and Loona

It’s difficult to make sense of, and Hanguang Jun passes through them very quickly.He squeezes hagung Jun’s hand tighter.”.Hanguang Jun stiffens.Wei Ying shrugs.He mulls it over, picturing Wei Ying calling out that name, in his warm voice. Naruto and gaara best friends fanfiction. “As long as you can promise that your Hanguang Jun won’t spread the knowledge to anyone else, I might be able to let this slide. “I want you here. They certainly hadn’t anticipated a thriving civilisation beneath the surface.Wei Ying had, sort of peripherally, realised he would be in trouble for this.” he shrugs.Hanguang Jun is his own person, and they kind of share a brain, sort of, sometimes.You’re so heartless.He had not expected all the noise (the ship is so loud, buzzing and humming constantly), the lights (it's not so bad in here, but everywhere else is so bright!), the smells (metal, people, food, other things he cannot name), the way his skin feels touching.He badly wants to touch every part of his boyfriend’s body, to run his hands over his back, his (amazing!) ass, his thighs.Hanguang Jun responds with an equal mix of yes and.I guess, it’s a bit involved, like- and you had to have.It’s still sort of sloppy, and weird- neither of them have figured out kissing yet, and Hanguang Jun is at a unique disadvantage- but Wei Ying is overblown by the depth of feeling anyway.It doesn’t show on his face at all, but there’s a storm brewing beyond those eyes.Does the ISA prime directive ring any bells, or no?”. It.It’s probably obvious anyway, but like- he doesn’t.

Through doing this, these tendrils become semi-solid, giving him makeshift appendages.Despite his best intentions, this is almost always the case.Having no body, his blood will freeze if he spends too long in her presence.It is likely the safest of them all, as there is no risk of the bulk of his body freezing, and the two of them can take their time.The icy vampire is so beautiful, so alluring that Gerhard would do anything to make her happy, to touch her and feel her, and so far this is one of several ways he can manage.Through some rather creative applications, however, Gerhard has found ways to use that to his advantage. Diabolik Lovers x reader lemons. Some might even consider them tentacles, similar to those of a squid or an octopus, but made of his living blood.Eventually, he can be warmed back up, but for now, neither of them care much about that.Of course, other times it is quite the nuisance, limiting the amount of time he can spend with his fiancee.With another, he’ll brush against her cunt, not daring to enter her for fear of freezing immediately.Reaching out to her, as she lays on their bed, he can touch her, caress her, feeling her frigid body with his bloody tendrils.When it comes to Dorothy, the vampire simply can’t be as cautious as he means to be.Even in times like this, when he can hardly feel what he is doing, Dorothy will use that to her advantage, grinding against his tendrils even as he tries to retreat..So long as he times things correctly, sending in and retreating his blood in a cycle, he can keep at this for hours.

She leaned back onto the couch smiling,the boy looked down blushing seeing her in such a position made him.She turned it on and blushed seeing the two 'doing the dirty'.The two held each other as they kissed Leon removed his hands and slid them into Rita's shirt and under her sports bra,the girl opened her eyes and looked into the boys eyes that were filled with lust..Nari walked down the road to Leon's house holding her spying equipment to see what her friends were doing,she went into Leon's basement and started to set up everything,she connected to the cameras that she placed around all her friend's houses. Leon took in a breath and looked at Rita and he blushed deeply,she was in a very suggestive way and she seemed to not notice it. James Slash Community — LiveJournal. Leon began to push into her feeling the tightness of her hole,Rita took in a sharp breath and let out a soft moan.She smiled as she let out moans of pleasure squeezing her eyes shut,Leon gripped Rita's hips and thrusted inside her.He did have a crush on the girl but never had the courage to ask her out due to his anxiety Rita crumpled up her bottle and threw it into the trashcan that was nearby.Leon licked the bundle causing a strong moan to come out the girl,he lowed his head down and began licking the area.feel weird.Rita gripped his hair as she moaned louder not noticing how her screams seemed to echo throughout the house Leon looked up at her as he ate her out,Rita was blushing deeply and a moaning mess.Leon smiled grabbing the blanket off the couch and putting it over them Nari caught her breath removing her fingers from her body,she licked it and smiled.

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